Resistance to rot and fungi

During the heating process the nutrients in the wood are destroyed, making it very difficult for rot and fungi to develop and grow.


More stability

Heat treated wood contains very little fluid and absorbs less liquid than untreated wood, increasinging stability by up to 50 percent.


Improved insulation

Heat treated wood is more porous than other wood which improves the insulating properties by 25-30 percent.


Environmentally friendly

No harmful chemicals are used in this process, thereby avoiding any harmful environmental impact. The wood used is prime quality, knot free pine which comes from certified forests in northern Sweden.


Old wood can be discarded or recycled as untreated wood

You can burn or recycle Thermowood as you would any regular wood, as opposed to pressure impregnated wood or NTR-classified by the Nordic wood preservation council (Nordiska TräRådet), which must be deposited as toxic waste.


Longer life span

When wood is treated with heat the life span is prolonged. The higher the temperature the longer the life span. The strength, however, decreases which is why it is very important to buy heat treated wood from a licensed manufacturer.


Less cracking

As the heat treatment increases the woods stability, it decreases the risk of cracking.


Alternative to cedar and tropical wood

Thermowood is the perfect alternative to imported wood, such as cedar and larch or tropical wood. The reason for this is that cedar is transported over long distances, often from Canada. The tropical wood is also transported long distances and may be grown in questionable forests with regards to the environmental issues. The tropical wood often requires certificates of origin and authenticity as well as other documentation in order to be legally sold.


Coloured all the way through

After treatment, the wood has a golden brown colour all the way through which means that it can easily work by cleaving or sanding without any noticeable colour difference.


No sap

This product is free from sap as the heat treatment eliminates it. As there is no sap, there is no risk of the paint coming off as sap is released.