The process

It has long been known that burned wood has increased stability and is more resistant to rot and fungi. Even the Vikings burned the wood they used as piles when building jetties to make it last longer. Unfortunately, burning the wood made it dry and brittle. A technique has now been developed which has solved those problems. Today’s heat treated wood, Thermowood®, has many benefits such as resistance to rot and fungi, stability and a lack of chemicals to name but a few. The heat treatment can be used on many types of wood.


How the heat treatment is done:

  1. The wood is heated to 212 degrees Celsius. The treatment is ended before the wood becomes charred.
  2. The heat treatment changes the wood’s chemical structure and hence its properties. This treatment improves several of these properties, such as stability, resistance to rot and fungi as well as improved insulation.
  3. The result is a wood that is golden brown all the way through. If exposed to direct sun light without any surface treatment it will gradually turn a beautiful silver grey.