The raw material for HeatWood decking wood is exclusive northern Swedish spruce or pine. Through the heat treatment, the wood achieves an excellent resistance against decay and a good stability for shrinking/swelling.

The beautiful brown colour comes from the heat treatment and is right through the board which means that splitting and grinding is possible. To keep the brown colour, it is recommended to treat the wood immediately.

Thermo-D corresponsds to class 2 in resistance against decay according to the classification EN 113 which means that it can be used in decks, piers, sandboxes etc in the same way as ordinary AB-classed impregnated wood. Contact with soil and load-bearing constructions however be avoided.

Since no chemicals are used, the wood is completely enironmentally friendly and can therefore be used to piers, sandboxes and other products that are close to the environment. It can also be deposed without any charges or be burned as normal untreated wood.

Don’t hesitate to contact us regarding the products that are available from stock or which profiles that can be ordered.